Shawarma, Gyro and Specialty Meat

Our ever popular Shawarma cones are prepared using the traditional Middle-Eastern way. Special meat slices are carefully chosen, thinly cut, marinated in a robust spice blend and hand-stacked to make the cones/spinners. Leading restaurants across GTA use our cones to make delicious Shawarmas for their customers. Take advantage of our expertise! Click here to learn, how to make a Shawarma wrap.

We also offer the Greek specialty Gyro meat cones and slices seasoned with spices to our clients who have meditarrenaean delicacies on their menu. These can be used to prepare Gyro sandwiches or wraps or in any other way you like.




Product Name

1500 Chicken Shawarma White Meat Cone
1505 Chicken Shawarma Mix White and Dark Meat Cone
1510 Chicken Shawarma Dark Meat Cone
1520 Chicken Shawarma Dark Meat Mix Cone
1525 Chicken Shawarma Dark Meat Skin-on Cone
1530 Traditional Beef Shawarma Cone
1540 Beef & Lamb Shawarma Cone
1529 Custom Made Shawarma With Your Own Recipe

Gyro Slices



Product Name

1560 Beef Gyro Cooked Slices
1561 Beef and Lamb Gyro Cooked Slices
1562 Chicago Style Gyro Cooked Slices
186 Gyro Loaf
187 Gyro Cooked Loaf

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