Try these recipe ideas for retaining the classic element in your menu and also adding the not so conventional twists in your menu. Take your customers on an epicurean journey by revitalizing the classic Middle-eastern favourites.

Make the perfect Shawarma

The marinated shawarma meats stacked in vertical cone/ spinner is cooked slowly by rotating it in front of a fire or other heat source. The outside meat is slowly cooked and then shaved off to make the Shawarma. Alternatively the Shawarma slices can be roasted in an oven as well.

To prepare the yoghurt sauce, whisk together yogurt, lemon juice, oil, and garlic. You can use Garlic sauce from Bani Halal Food as well if you do not want to make the yoghurt sauce.

To serve as a pita wrap, top warmed pitas with roasted chicken slices, onion, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, and yogurt or garlic sauce.


This middle-eastern favourite can compete with any plant-based protein out there, tofu and tempeh included. It’s fantastic in a wrap packed with cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus and garlic sauce or hot sauce if you like spicy. Don’t like pita wraps, simply make a Falafel salad.

Here is a new spin on the veggie burger. Use the Falafel dough to make flat patties , fry and pack it between buns with lettuce, onion, tomato and cheese to make yummy Falafel Sliders!

That’s not all. Substitute meat balls with falafel balls in your curry. Replace ground meat with Falafel dough to make the no-meat version of the Classic Scotch Eggs where perfectly cooked eggs are wrapped in a falafel blend.

Hummus and garlic sauce

The popularity of hummus has soared around the world in the last few years. It is a versatile dip that can be snacked upon or be used in many different ways in your menu.

Serve it as a dip with veggies, nachos or pita bread. It goes great with barbecued meats and kebabs.

An interesting variation of mashed potatoes can be made by adding garlic sauce to it. The garlic flavor packs a great punch to the usual mashed potatoes

New twist to your menu

Bring fresh features to your menu by using the roasted Shawarma meats in different ways.

You can offer a Shawarma rice bowl where delicately spiced fragrant rice or even plain cooked rice can be topped with Shawarma slices, garlic sauce or hot sauce and sauteed veggies.

Add Shawarma meat as the ‘protein’ in the salad items on your menu. Your customers will love this option which makes their favourite salad wholesome and scrumptious!

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