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Yousuf Bani Ahmed, CEO

The journey of Bani Halal Food Wholesale began 20 years ago when we thought of bringing authentic Middle Eastern flavours to the people of Toronto. What started as a thought in 1999 from a modest restaurant at 607 Queen Street Toronto, gradually evolved into a company that is Bani Halal Food today. Our uniqueness lies in offering products using traditional recipes that have been followed through generations in our family.

Bani Halal Food Wholesale is a food manufacturer with products ranging from Shawarma cones, Falafel dough, Hummus, Garlic sauce to Gyro cones and other specialty meats, supplied on a large scale to restaurants, catering companies, retail and supermarket chains.

It was important for us to maintain the simplicity and authenticity of the recipe carried over hundreds of years. For Shawarma, special meat slices are selected to make the hand-stacked cones and then marinated, which is the traditional method of preparing Shawarma.

Our Hummus which is sold under the brand name Aladdin Dips boasts of genuine Middle Eastern flavours and it is healthy too! We only use non-GMO certified and halal ingredients to enhance goodness in every bite of our hummus.

A big part of strength lies in our large and modern manufacturing facility in Etobicoke, Toronto which houses state of the art machinery and is duly compliant. Our sole mission is to provide our clients and customers with only highest quality meats, hummus, sauces, dips, falafels, etc.

The best judge of any product is the consumer. Over many years now, this has been proved by the love and support that we have received from our numerous wholesale food service clients. Our Shawarma and other specialty meats are widely sought after by leading restaurants and retail brands. We take pride in saying that while the roots of our products are Middle-Eastern, they are prepared using locally sourced ingredients, brought fresh from our facility to your menu.

Our expertise in meats bundled with genuine traditional recipes will help you take your consumers on a flavourful gastronomical ride.

Enjoy the very best of the Middle-Eastern delights from a company committed to quality, delicious and good eating!

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